Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sudha Murthy-A women of character.

A few days back I got a forward about Sudha Murthy-the wife of Mr.NarayanaMurthy founder of Infosys.Here is the link that reproduces the exact text in the forward. Its Sudha Murthy narrating her association with Tata.. I was really touched on reading the article and my respect for the great man JRD Tata increased.Two things in that article inspired me.One was a women fighting for her justice in a society dominated by men a few decades ago.. though things have changed a lot over the years.Second was the humility and uncomprimising commitment to justice by JRD Tata.On reading the article I wanted to read more about this iron-willed and strong lady who wanted her justice.I googled for Sudha Murthy and this was the first link that showed up.It showed her profile.. and she was one person who was a topper throughout her schooling and college life.The second link that showed up was this.In this Sudha narrates her story about how Infosys was born and the sacrifices which she had to make to enable Mr.Narayanamurthy carry forward his dream and ,and not to forget the Infosys Foundation which she manages.Limited words it might be.. but much has been conveyed about the personality of this great woman.Kudos to her!


Noopur Gupta said...

That was really very awesome story. They have truely made the difference in society. Good work.

Anonymous said...

I can pick more than a million adjectives for this woman.
She is the best example for "Beauty lies in mind and heart"
She is the most talented, dynamic, generous, sensible, hardworking, intelligent, skilled, smart, efficient, powerful, savvy, experienced, gifted, learned, masterful, artistic, inventive, imaginative woman I've ever seen. Hats off to Mrs. Sudha. I hope she would see my comment and somehow I feel that we are connected together in this world. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Sudha Murhty for President of India