Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A new travel blog

Hello All,

I am back again with a brand new travel blog after a longggg hiatus...
Here I am giving wings to my childhood dream of travelling all over India.
I have been very lucky to visit several absolutely stunning places in India and abroad.
This blog gives an account of my travel experiences in India which I would love to share with the world! Do read through them and provide your feedback!!

Here is the link!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!!

Back to blogging after a long break of nearly a year!!
I usually like spending the last day of the year recollecting the year that went by and this time was no different.. 2010 has been a great year for me..! Many interesting events,people and places!!!! Memories of trips to Belur/Haleeibedu/Shravanbalegola/Pondicherry/Pichavaram/Muthukadu/Kovalam Beach/Vellore would forever stay in my mind.. Got in touch with my old friends/penpals from my schooltime whom I had not been in touch for about a decade.. Made new frenz too! Watched a lot of my all-time fav movies/revived my interest in watching cricket which I was out of touch with for over 8 years (i was a major cricket fan during my school days watching every match btw any team ball by ball)/revived some of my french written skills which I was out of touch with since 2003/did some glass paintings.. Lot of changes in professional life too..!! All together, its been an amazing year for me. My best wishes to all of you for a very Happy new year 2011!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Post!

This is a really sweet post.. So read it and Enjoy! :)

For all of you who watch "Do It Sweet" , a cookery show on NDTV Good Times in which the chef Vicky cooks sweet dishes , the following is the link containing the list of recipes featured on the show.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A teleserial title song that bowled me over

I am not a big fan of teleserials though I do watch a lil bit of them along with my roomies. But one title song of a teleserial "Madhavi" on Sun TV really really bowled me over. I am in love with the song, the picturization, the melodious voice of the singer, the beautiful lady who pretends to be singing the song and the locations and the video. One very different thing about this song is the way the video is shot. One of the best teleserial title songs I have ever heard in my life.

Kudos to the team that did this song.
Please go ahead and enjoy it.

Here is the video..

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

10 things to do when you are on 10 days vacation

With a long vacation of 10 days spanning from December-25-2009 to January 3-2010 , planned to share with the world the list of things that I did.

1. Catch up with friends and relatives.
Hang out around the city with friends.
2. Swimming. One or Two hours a day..
3. Go out on movies with family. Watched 3 Idiots at Sathyam Cinemas with my family.
4. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.. zzzZZzzzzzzz
5. Painting.
6. Orkutting/Blogging and wishing family and friends on new year.
7. Purchase a new gadget taking advantage of the New Year discounts and experiment on the same. Purchased a new Microwave oven and experimented with baking et al.
8. Spend a good amount of time at home doing nothing.
9. Plan and execute for trips to places outside the city.Planning did take place but failed miserably to execute :(
10. Make a list of things to be done in the next year and hopefully execute them :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010

So with yet an another marvellous year rolling behind my back.. its time to recollect the happenings in this great year. A year in which I was happy for much of the time. I realized a lot of things , learnt more about myself and the world around in this year. Importantly, I was able to spend lot of time in pursuing my favourite hobbies.. painting,reading (got back my by-gone habbit of reading stories),travelling,swimming.. and spent lots of time at home with my parents and sis thanks to the extended holidays we got due to the festivals falling on friday and monday :) (Its a great point about 2009). Trips to Coorg,Mysore and Pune would stay forever in my memory.. I really thank god for showering me with happiness in this year and look forward to 2010.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kal Ho Na Ho - A movie that has stayed in my heart forever

Day before yesterday, as I was switching through the channels on TV, I happened to see a scene from this great movie and for the next 2.5 hours I was glued to the TV completely lost in this movie. I really do not understand why I am sooo very fond of this movie. I remember when I was in hostel I owned 3 CDs containing this movie and I was sooo damn possesive about it .When I lent it to someone, I could not bear to see one of the CDs returned with some scratches :(. So what was in this movie that attracted many (including yours truly) Is it Aman, the cheerful guy with a beautiful heart? Or is it the cute,moody,bubbly Naina? Or is it the jovial,happy-go-lucky Rohit? Or is it the lovely setting of the movie in New York and Canada? Or is it the wonderful melodious and peppy songs? Or is it the great humour in this movie? Or is it because few scenes in the movie brought tears in my eyes? Or is it the fun and frolic of family and excitement potrayed in the movie? Or is it the name and theme of the movie? I dont think it is only one thing has made this movie my "Most Favourite Movie in my life time". I have loved every single bit of the movie.. every second I watched this movie I was totally involved in this. Kudos to Karan Johar for bringing this great movie which invoked the same passion and excitement in me in the watching the film even after 6 years after this movie got released (Nov 2003).